Fintelio X CrossOver
Your bank is a banking hub ! Cross over banking for your clients - be a PISP & AISP
  • Operate as banking Hub - Third party provider for other banks
  • Become an Everyday Bank for Your End-customers
  • Allow your users to connect all the bank accounts they might have with other financials institutions and unlock the power of open banking
  • Get Access to Unified Open Banking API adapters of national and regional banks
  • Pre-integrated payment initiation and account information channels
  • Offer your end-customers added value services you already have
    • Offers
    • Reports
    • Personal of Business financial management services
    • Campaigns and notifications
    • Loyalty

Keep and retain your customers!

An adapter interface with predefined configurations and pre integrations of banks following industry standards: Open banking UK, Australia, Berlin Group v1.3 & STET

Integrated service to existing ebanking where the user can import his accounts and make payments

Or view transactions!