Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small data file that is stored on your device. Crowdpolicy cherishes the integrity of our visitors and our users’ confidence in us is our most valuable asset. This is a description of how we collect and use cookies and how we protect the users’ integrity in respect of cookies

Use of cookies

To give you as a Crowdpolicy user the best user experience possible, Crowdpolicy uses cookies at our websites, and similar techniques in our mobile applications. Further, third party cookies may be used in situations where we use external services to improve our products. Crowdpolicy uses two types of cookies, session based cookies, which disappear as soon as you close your web browser, but also more long-lasting cookies for certain purposes.


Purpose with Cookies

The main purpose with Crowdpolicy’s use of cookies is to improve the services that we provide.

We use cookies to administer logins and to enhance security for our users, to analyze users and user behaviors anonymously to find out which parts of the service that we should improve, to analyze how our dispatches of e-mail function and that we send out information that you as a user appreciate, to present offers in the Crowdpolicy app and offers from our partners that are relevant to you, to measure performance rates of these offers and to remember settings and choices that you make at our websites.

Manage your cookies

If you do not agree to our use of cookies to enhance your user experience, you may decline the use of cookies in an easy manner.

In your web browser, you may adjust the settings to restrict Crowdpolicy and others from storing cookies on your device. Such settings may, however, result in certain functions on most websites not functioning properly.

If you wish, you may in most web browsers’ settings chose to restrict tracking only (”Do Not Track”), which means that Crowdpolicy will not cross-check data from our own and our partners’ websites.

In order to make the corresponding settings in your mobile phone, you may for iOS, under integrity and ads settings, choose to limit tracking (“Limit Ad Tracking”). For Android, this setting is made under Google settings and ads.