Run business or social crowdfunding campaign as a bank. Integrated with your payment infrastructure - rules engine to comply with legislation.

Crowdsourcing ideas for your organization is another way to connect with the public, improve your brand image, and get some great ideas to boot.  With crowdsourcing financial institutions can connect with employees, customers, or stakeholders to find ideas that will help streamline processes, improve productivity, and identify new strategies that will help build the financial institution of the future. 

Create your own crowdsourcing platform using FIntelioX Crowdfunding and invite your employees, stakeholders, or the public to participate in a crowdsourcing project. You can dream up new ideas for the next employee family day, or ask the public for anything from ideas for “bank swag” to what type of community event they’d like you to host. 

All payments will be supported using the existing infrastructure, as well as utilize P2P functionality or other Open Banking initiatives,will be available using FintelioX platform modules.